SEO tips – improve your ranking in search engine results.

SEO Tips to help your business in the Search Engine Rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically in the past 2 years.  It used to be enough to stuff your page with keywords, buy loads of links and get to that first spot on the search results. This was expensive and out of reach for many local businesses.

With the release of the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithm updates, Google have made it very clear that gaming the system will not work and have made it much easier for a local business to get their website ranking high on Google.

A business owner can now create the content to appeal to their local customers and rank high in the search results.

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Tell people what you have to offer. Keep it simple and don’t worry about stuffing the same keyword into the first 3 lines. Google’s search is advanced enough to understand the meaning behind your content.

So write your content to talk to people and don’t worry about search rankings. Aim for a minimum of 700 words.

 Image ALT Tag

Make sure you have an ALT tag on every image.  The search engines use this to determine what the images represents on your site.

Include a keyword in the ALT tag, this well help with Google search rankings.


 Mobile Friendly website

With the increase in searching carried out on mobile devices, Google has introduced a new “Mobile Friendly” tag for the entries in the search that point to mobile optimised sites. Check if your website is Mobile Optimized here.

Google are now penalising sites that are not mobile friendly.


NAP – Name, Address and Phone number.  Have the important information easy to find on your website, especially the phone number.  Make it easy for people searching for you on a smart phone to contact you direct.

You must be focused on how humans will view your content not having it optimized for machines and search engines. Sites that are easier to understand will be featured higher in rankings than keyword heavy sites.

Make sure your site is intuitive and easy to browse, don’t hide the important stuff under labels and buttons. Too many sites are created with the focus on how the owner thinks about the business and not how the site visitor want to know things.


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