Internet Presence and how you can improve yours

What is Internet Presence

and what you can do to improve yours.


With the constant evolution in technology and the ever increasing penetration of new devices into the consumer base business owners are being challenged to keep up or be forgotten.


Once upon a Time, we built a website.  Maybe we updated it every few months, if we could find the guy that built it.  But we had the website so we were cool.  Those days are long gone.

The audience, in this case our customers or potential customers, are growing more tech savvy.  And let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it’s just the kids. I recently created an advert on Facebook and specified age between 30 and 40 and had a potential audience in excess of 700000.


But there is more to internet presence than just Facebook.   Your website is still the most important element.  This is where customers can see who you are and what you do.

But you must update your content regularly, how many times have you visited a site to see that nothing has been posted in the last 5 months.  The immediate question is “are they still in business?”


As well as the humans that visit your site, you have to feed the search engines.  Google, being the most popular one, have stated that good content is the most important aspect of your website.


We have seen a huge increase in Social Media sites but initially we should focus on the mainstream ones, Facebook, Google + and Twitter.


Facebook:  your business needs a business page in Facebook.  Facebook is great for engagement but that means you need to allocate time and effort to the task.  Many businesses focus on the number of likes but from a business point of view the level of engagement, comments and shares have a greater impact on your bottom line.  And if you can link your page back to your website that engagement is favoured by Google.


Google+:  while slow to take off and sometimes described as a ghost town with very little activity it is owned by Google.  Having a presence in G+ will help your business.  One of the problems with Facebook is that Facebook have said that you will only ever reach about 11% of your followers, there is just too much activity.  G+ has less activity, less noise so used correctly you could get good traction for your messages.


Twitter:  Twitter is a great way to get links to your content out there.  And search engines pay attention to tweets which has to be a good thing.


Mobile:  As they say “there is an app for that”, with the increase in smart phones the chance to put your business on an app should be explored.  Many businesses are using apps, especially directory apps to improve customer engagement.  And considering most people walk around looking only at their phones and not the nice signage you have or that great display in your window, maybe it’s time to “put your business in their pocket”


It is not enough to be on each of these platforms. As a business you need links between your website and the platforms.  The search engine recognizes these links and this help your business be found when people are searching.


An important aspect of having an internet presence is the need to measure the impact your presence is having on your business. For example, if you find that twitter is not really doing it for your business, then don’t waste your valuable time trying to turn all your customers into twitter users just because you like it.


You need to allocate time each day to check what is happening on your pages and also to engage with the pages. And measure!


Do not be afraid to change what you are doing on a platform is it not working.  One client of mine was spending 4-5 hours every evening in FB conversations with clients and thought he was having a great impact on his business.  But when we examined it, the conversations were with the same 6 customers and usually turned into the same points and topics, without having any benefit for the business.


The most common reaction to internet presence is “Oh God, how am I going to do all that?”

But unfortunately, it is not really a choice anymore.  If you want to win you need to be playing the game.



Michael Kenny

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Hi, I am Michael Kenny, co-founder of, an Irish company dedicated to getting local business found online.Since I started in computers in the mid 70’s, my passion has always been getting technology to solve problems.