Does your website need a refresh?

Your website is like most things in your business, over time it becomes jaded looking.  It does not have the same impact as it first had.  This has a significant effect on your business.

Your website is the first experience many people have of your business.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Does your website look dated, uncared for?

A website designed over 3 years ago is likely to look dated now.


Is your website falling in the Google search results?

Google have changed how they rank websites and this effects your position in the search results.  If your website is over 2 years old, it probably is not ticking the boxes for first page ranking.

Does your website look good on a mobile device?

With more than 60% of all searches now on mobile, your website has to appeal to the mobile visitor or they will go to the next site.


What year is in the footer on your website?

Over 50% of websites do not have the current year in the Copyright piece on their site.


Your website is a KEY part of your business’ image
Show that you care about how your business look


Many of the businesses I deal with have websites that are a few years old. They are struggling to be found on the first page of results, through no fault of theirs, the game has changed.


This can be rectified without breaking the bank


If your website is still doing the business for you it might just need a few small tweaks to improve your business.


I can help you tackle this problem


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Luan's website after the refresh

Luan’s website after the refresh

Luan's website before the refresh

Luan’s website before the refresh

<-from this

to this->


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